Bremen digital media

BDM is the association that promotes and represents all companies related to media and IT in the city of Bremen. They organize events, provide a network platform for all members on their website and are the political representation for the digital technology branch towards the chamber of commerce. The association also initiated the dual study program for Digital Media at the University of Bremen and address young people interested in this branch. The board is comprised of CEOs of IT and media companies.

Bremen digital media approached the BRENNEREI to develop an unusual, public related format for IT companies to meet representatives of logistics companies and start a dialogue. We were briefed by members of the board Björn Portillo, CEO of hmmh AG and Carsten Meyer-Heder, CEO of team neusta.


Status Quo

Logistic services need more and more technologic and software solutions to keep up with the demand. Only the big players can afford to invest in innovation and automated systems. The market grows very fast, changes very quickly and the digitization of the processes is a big challenge for smaller companies still working in the traditional analogue ways. To keep on track an awareness for the possibilities of customized digital and technological solutions has to be created among the logistics branch. In customer relations there are big misunderstandings about the benefits IT solutions can bring for logistics. This is not only about different languages but also about different mind sets. To connect these two branches in Bremen an intense format should be created to bring them together and discuss a mutual future.