different approach

We approached the research phase in very different ways, participating at events, interviewing IT and logistics personalities, but we also did a photo safari throughout the city and even made a song playlist comprised of transport and data topics. As designers and communicators we focussed on the visualization of these invisible branches, found videos about big data and cyber-physical systems that even had an emotional feeling to them, e.g. the „Heartbeat of the City“, a video animation that shows the overall usage of the London public transport system.
As we digged deeper in the realms of IT and Logistics applications we discovered that only few concepts actually include the people involved in the processes. IT solutions are not meant to simply replace the hard working people with robots. They are rather a system to cope with the rising demand and accelerating processes and more limited time frames.


Future Trends

Our research focused on the near or far future developments in logistics regarding digitization, automation of processes and involvement of IT solutions in supply chains. The trends ranged from technological progress across social developments to changes of how to do business. Many of these will affect the perception of economic progress and the way that assets and employees will be managed. So it is important as a responsible business leader to know about the upcoming developments. We found that future business models and developments can be a trigger to start a conversation about future developments.

Same eye level 

The platform we developed should provide opportunities to learn something new about each other and get to know your business better from another perspective. Focusing on the future on the one hand we would get them to think ahead and for one day and forget about the current problems of today, on the other hand we would bring young people and students on the same eye level as professionals and CEOs of the companies. We wanted to emphasize the fact that the students of today are the decision makers and professionals of tomorrow!


above the clouds 

To pave the way to the near future we decided to place our event in a location that supports our concept. We chose the top floor of the Weser Tower in the Bremen Überseestadt as it sets a new perspective on the city and the harbor area and lets you easily reconsider and leave behind your day-to-day business as soon as you take the elevator. As the doors opened the participants were able to step into future.