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Transportale Future Lab: IT & Logistics

Welcome to the Future!
Invent the digital future of Logistics in a one day workshop together with experts of today and tomorrow!
Industry 4.0 dominates the discourse of todays experts. The digital evolution has just started. Society is ready to launch for a new technologic era and tries to keep the pace. How will the trends of the digital evolution today affect business models and ways to work in the future?
At the Transportale we take a break for one day from the present and look towards the future of IT and Logistics – two branches that inseparably interconnected. This event enables participants to individually and professionally meet the upcoming challenges for their day-to-day with creative methods. Skills learned at Transportale can be then transferred into daily work to generate new, uncommon ideas that are innovative and future-oriented. With a free mind the professionals of today and the experts of tomorrow can develop business ideas for the day after tomorrow. In front of the Bremen skyline and harbour we discover the technologic, social and business trends, let ourselves be inspired and try the impossible:
We design business ideas for digitized Logistics in 2030!

Retrospect of Transportale

We created triggers for the participants and for BDM to be more involved and develop new business ideas for the digitized logistics of tomorrow. The participants had the opportunity to learn new methods for the future through the creative approach of the BRENNEREI. They could free their mind from their previous thoughts and doubts to rethink their way of doing business and dealing with project partners. We provided a neutral place to come together and discuss the influence of trends that will affect all of their fields sooner or later.
To get people from all these different backgrounds to work together on a neutral ground that doesn’t imply a selling situation but provides the chance to get in touch and through working together build trust.

We got people to be there together and share the experience. By working on the task of creating a new business model for the future they actually got new connections and contacts that will stay in touch. As proof of a successful day we had our event documented in a moving short film that gives an impression on the atmosphere. We hope that we could start a wave with this format: The name and the concept is meant to be continued and spread by word to mouth so the Transportale 2016 can be even more intense!