We developed the Lagrange Point as a research tool to gather public opinions about space. We set up a series of these public interventions to get in contact with people. We wanted this activity to be interactive and to offer something in return. We used cookies and Space Cocktails as an exchange value: a Cocktail for an Interview.


The first "Lagrange Point" took place on June 11th in the Bürgerpark in Bremen. The passers were mainly students, families with children and friends of us. We got 48 questionnaires filled out and conducted 7 interviews.


The second "Lagrange Point" took place on June 16th at the "Glocke", the concert hall in Bremen. The audience consisted mainly of elderly people. At this occasion we received 32 questionnaires and did 9 interviews.


The third "Lagrange Point" took place on July 2th at the dike at the river Weser in Bremen. The audience consisted of students, pupils and a few older people. There we received 56 questionnaires and conducted 8 interviews.