This years interdisciplinary team of seven scholars was accompanied by two mentors: Dennis P. Paul, interaction designer and new media artist, professor for Interaktion und Raum at the University of the Arts Bremen and Sven Völker, Berlin based graphic designer and artist, former professor for communication design at the University of Art Burg Halle. Andrea Kuhfuss, art historian and cultural manager heads the BRENNEREI next generation lab on behalf of the WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH.

Lukas Adolphi
Communication Design
Simon Denecke
Integrated Design
Sabine Hirsch
Interior and Lighting Design
Charlotte Herbst
City Planning and Urban Design
Ahmed Mahmoud
Communication and Information Technology engineer
Chiara Ratti
Environmental Architecture
Marthe Trottnow
Integrated Design
Dennis Paul
Mentor: Interaction designer und new media artist
Sven Völker
Mentor: Graphic Designer and Artist
Andrea Kuhfuss
Head of BRENNEREI next generation lab, Art Historian and Cultural Manager
Joanna Janota-Bzowski
Student Assistant - Integrated European studies



To organize the team we had a weekly meeting with Andrea Kuhfuss. Within these meetings, we used to set up a schedule of the week and check the results of the previous one. Also, we planned future actions. It helped us to stay informed about the different research approaches and work tasked. Early on with the second project starting another coordination was needed. The team decided to have weekly changing responsibilities. Two people structured the week with work tasks and meetings.



The team is comprised of seven members, Andrea Kuhfuss and for each project the mentor. We had follow up meetings with the mentors to discuss our findings. Their task was to give hints and to point out the main direction of our progress through this phase. They also helped us by proposing a focus point on which to dig deeper.



Steffi Brewig and Paul Baumgarten joined our team for two days. They taught us about qualitative analysis. Based on the Grounded Theory we learnt how to conduct interviews, set up questionnaires and how to evaluate the data. Within an innovation workshop set up by BRENNEREI Susanne Diemann taught business basics for creatives and methods of acquisition.



A very important part of the research process were interviews with professionals from each field. Many talks helped to dive into the topics, also with participation at events. To talk with experts helps with fundamental research and opens new doors. We are grateful to have met so many inspiring people and to have seen so many exciting work places.



Talking with people always helps: you leave your desktop and your work and get a new point of view and while talking to other people than your colleagues it’s easy to change perspectives. New questions help to reevaluate your project and surprising answers open new topics to be considered.